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Flokati Rugs have been a Greek tradition for centuries. The rugs originally serviced the shepherds, being used as clothing, beds for tents, keeping them warm during the long winter months. The 5th century Vlachs, who lived in Samarina, the highest Village on the Pindos mountains, were the inventors of the Flokati Rug.

As shepherds, they raised sheep and goats, producing dairy products sold during the winter in the plains of Trikala, Thesally, Macedonia, and as far as Odessa. The women, having access to the wool, would weave Flokati rugs to be sold at bazaars during the winter months. We have continued the tradition of producing fine quality Flokati and other hand-woven rugs.

Flokati rugs portrays sexiness, sensuousness and eternity. We offer a great selection of fine flokati rugs. They are crafted from the finest wool to be elegant, comfortable under foot and long lasting.

All our Flokati rugs are hand-woven in Greece and made out of 100% New Zealand Wool, the finest wool in the world.

Flokati's natural color is off white

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