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Quality craftsmanship. Honest business practices. The finest product. These were things Louis Livaditis, owner of the Sheepskin Factory on Colorado Boulevard, learned from his father. Like his father before him, Louis Livaditis, hopes to pass on the business to his children.

Growing up in a small village in Greece, Livaditis proudly learned the family business from the ground up. At 10 years old he accompanied his father to the farms to bargain for sheepskins and watched as family members handcrafted goods from the wooly hides from intricate rug designs to cuddly critters to custom-made car seat covers, Flokati rugs and garments, the Sheepskin Factory has an array of holiday gifts.

While the benefits of sheepskin have long been heralded in Europe, Livaditis said sheepskin products were something fairly uncommon in the states — a situation Livaditis works hard to change.

His shop on Colorado Boulevard is self-contained. Everything is made by hand; a handful of sewing machines and people create all the Sheepskin Factory products.

From his famous brown slippers to the most popular custom car seat covers made for any car to warm and wooly coats, the Sheepskin Factory has something for everyone.

This friendly businessman still scouts local farms and makes trips to New Zealand, Australia and Greece to find the best available skins and Flokati.

He explained that Europeans have long respected the nature of sheepskin. “When people get married here, they get a toaster,” Livaditis said. “In Europe the first thing you get is wool. It’s a miracle product,” he reiterated.

Livaditis has all of his family helping with the business between their college classes and other responsibilities. “I like them to come in here and see where the money comes from, how hard we work,” he said.

Even though it’s a different age where apprenticeships are largely unheard of, he hopes one of his children will continue the tradition. “Maybe they can get the ‘thing’ I had as a child, take over the business and make an honest living.”

The Sheepskin Factory, at 510 S. Colorado Blvd., is open Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Customers can also place orders by calling 303-329-8400 or 1-800-32-SHEEP, or place an online order 24 hours a day by visiting www.sheepskinfactory.com.

Please call with any further question and a live person will be more than happy to assist you.

Taken from an article in the Rocky Mountain News by Karrie Mowen

510 S Colorado Blvd, Denver Co 80246 Call us Toll Free at 1-800-327-4337 Flokati Rugs.com located in Denver Colorado and shipping around the world quality genuine flokati rugs